Episode 4 – It’s not as bad as you thought – Geraldine Morgan

Season 1 Episode 4 It’s not as bad as you thought with guest Geraldine Morgan

How you feeling? We dive deep into this question and what a great time to ask it?

Geraldine opens Darren and Justin’s minds to why she quit the fast life in the city to become a coach and guide people.

She chats with Darren and Justin, about mental health, mindset and even gives Justin a breakthrough of his own!

You can contact Geraldine via e-mail

[email protected]

She’s putting the finishing touches to her website and we’ll update the show notes once it goes live.

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www.osgcoaching.co.uk or via Facebook ‘Wellness Coaching UK’

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Thanks for listening and we’ll see you for Episode 5 next month!