Episode 1 – Go Get It – Darren Odell

Welcome to the CoachCast Season 1 Episode 1……called GO GET IT!

We’d like to apologise for the sound quality, due to the current situation, we’re having to record episodes over an Internet link and it proved very unstable – this will improve by Episode 2!**

Darren Odell and Justin Petersen will be sharing fun, stories and ways you can grow, improve your mental health and find methods of navigating a more interconnected and shared world.

In this pilot episode, Justin sits down and chats with his co-host Darren Odell who went out and got it and changed his life from being a nurse to going all in, starting his own coaching business and taking on new clients.

He talks about what it’s like to coach and be a coach, people getting so inspired and motivated that they leave his coaching session and what you should look out for before taking on a coach or becoming a coach.

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Thanks for listening and we look forward to chatting to you in Episode 2.

Produced, Edited and Scripted by Justin Petersen

Planning, Concept and Copy by Darren Odell