Episode 7 – Business Coaching Focus – That’s It!! I’m going online – Henrietta Ray

BusinessThe Coach Cast Episode 7 It’s part one of the three part business special and at this time you’re feeling vulenrable, nervous about going online and have no where to turn because there’s just so much information out there.Darren and Justin talk to online website coach Henrietta Ray from www.coachmywebsite.com and breaks down every part of being […]

Episode 6 – Business Coaching Focus – Introduction with Darren Odell

BusinessThe episode is an introduction to our three part business special and who else but The Coach Cast’s Darren Odell to introduce you to this great three parter which they’ve planned over the next three months. Darren introduces you to principles of business coaching, all the benefits and the details you need, but don’t worry, […]

Episode 5 – Coaching Across Borders – Italo Corsetti

Business, #brazil, #business, #coach, #coaching, #cool, #darren, #england, #fun, #interesting, #justin, #language, #relationships, #sport, #uk, #valueDarren and Justin go deeper into the world coaching then they have as they explore a subject that is often forgotten, where and what is a good coach and does it matter what culture they come from. You’re going to learn so much from this podcast, you’ll get to find out what it’s like to […]

Episode 4 – It’s not as bad as you thought – Geraldine Morgan

BusinessSeason 1 Episode 4 It’s not as bad as you thought with guest Geraldine Morgan How you feeling? We dive deep into this question and what a great time to ask it? Geraldine opens Darren and Justin’s minds to why she quit the fast life in the city to become a coach and guide people. […]

Episode 3 – I’m Successful and I’m Stuck! – Thomas Bachmann

Business, #cast, #coach, #coaching, #darren, #download, #improvement, #justin, #odell, #petersen, #podcast, #streamSeason 1 Episode 3 I’m Successful but I’m Stuck with guest Thomas Bachmann We’re always trying to improve at something, it’s the ‘heart’ of what the Coach Cast is about…..but what happens when you’ve succeeded at every thing you’ve set your heart on and you don’t know what to do next. Well that’s what happened […]

Episode 2 – I’ve Over 35 What Can I Do? – Vincent Akinawo

Business, #cast, #coach, #coaching, #darren, #idea, #improvement, #justin, #podcast, #selfDarren Odell and Justin Petersen talk with Vincent, and explores the subject of coaching clients who are 30 and over Darren chats with Vincent and looks at subjects about the challenges of age and how coaching can help, how Vincent coaches and gets the best out of his clients and is there a difference between […]